Region and surroundings

The Costa Blanca, or White Coast, gets its name from its white sandy beaches, blossoming almond blossoms and picturesque whitewashed houses. This is the province of Alicante and the area around Valencia, where you will communicate perfectly not only in Spanish, but also in English. The convenient access from Alicante airport is an additional advantage. The Costa Blanca is not only the wonderful waters of the Mediterranean, but also mountain ranges and salt lakes. This region is famous for its healing microclimate and spas. Here you will find the sun 320 days a year! It rarely rains here and the climate is mild – warm but not hot, thanks to the sea breeze and warm currents

Mil Palmeras is a small coastal resort located on the Orihuela Coast of the southern Costa Blanca. Mil Palmeras literally means ‘a thousand palms’ and is a quiet little town that comes to life in the summer.